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Create a digital experience that brings QVC’s “special sauce” to life. 


Jan - Sept 2015




Strategy & UX Director


Digital strategy,
web and iPad app design


Jen Tank

Marshal McNiven

Francesco Bertelli


User experience strategy

If the QVC TV channel is Football, then how can the web become our Fantasy Football League?" - This was the challenge posed to us in alignment workshops.

Ultimately, the goal was to future proof QVC's business against cord cutting.

Ethnographic research revealed who the QVC shopper was and what she was looking for. With these insights we crafted four positioning statements for the website that would tilt it's functionality as it pertains to the TV channel. 

Website concepting


In four weeks, a small team of two interaction designers and four visual designers created a completely new website concept and a fresh look and feel. 

The home page functions as a constantly evolving feed of product centric posts supported with inspiring moments, practical applications, knowledge building tidbits, and community interactions.


The feed is loosely connected to the live broadcast, making her want to return often to see what's new. The TV hosts become the web editors and authors.


The product page utilizes the broadcast video to bring the products to life like only QVC can.

Second Screen experience

Can a "second screen" ipad app become a necessity for her when watching QVC?

Research showed that QVC is often on in the background, and that she always watches, and listens, for a product that interests her - it's like a hunt.

Our goal of the second screen app was to facilitate that impulse to buy. The app synchs with the TV and allows her to quickly see and buy all the products currently shown on TV.

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