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Design the first iteration of PDiddy's Revolt TV digital property.

Make it revolutionary. In 6 weeks.


Sept - Oct 2013


Revolt TV


UX Director


UX & content strategy,


Emil Lanne

Michael Wang

UX & content Strategy

An initial alignment workshop clarified the role of the website: Be the beautiful magazine accompanying the TV channel.


We created a feed that would allow content editors to upload new content in minutes, refreshing as often as the TV stream.

The content system had 3 layers: Background, graphics / patterns and content, allowing for infinite flexibility that would still always look cohesive.

What if it was...

All about watching.
Beautiful and immersive, this is the best TV watching experience on the web.
All about disrupting.
While the TV stimulates, the web is the place to actually become active, learn more and get involved with the issues you care about.
All about content.
This is the highly editorial magazine that goes with the TV channel. Like Vice, the content is what hits the pulse of the generation.

Product design

One product designer, two visual designers and I worked six weeks to bring to life. Designing mobile first meant we had to come up with a visually stunning, yet lightweight system.

Timestamps in the feed increase the feeling of immediacy. Video and articles open directly in the feed, and when a video plays while a user scrolls, it minimizes on top of the screen, while still playing.

The design is raw, improvised yet polished, giving room to the editors' creativity.




Unique visitors within the first to weeks.



Of all visits from mobile devices.

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